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05-07-2013, 04:19 AM
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Think Zuke made a very good game under difficult circumstances. Yesterday morning he got a notice, though Norwegian media, that he is kicked out of the National team at the worlds (should Rangers exit in the 1st round) due to a sponsor deal he made, and it made him furious. Never heard him (or any other Norwegian international) speak more bluntly about the Norwegian Hockey Association before. He come out of two games below normal standards with declining minutes and people (Rosen among others) are once again questioning if he's got any business in the play offs, he's in the 2nd pp unit for third? game with Limited pp time, plays With Hags and Richards, at least the last one totally out of place and shape, and on top of that Torts clearly doesn't trust him, and even benches him for long stretches totalling TOI 11 minutes. Especially the 2-2 benching when he tried to block the shot and it snuck by him to deflect and roll by Hank must have felt brutal. He did what he was suppose to do, but it snuck by him and Torts had absolutely no patience with him and he didn't come back for the reminder of the 2nd. Didn't think he would be back in the third at all, but then he got a shift and things get going again, and the game winner comes. 2 assists, on the ice for 3 goals (he was for all practical reasons involved in TWO sucsessful PP as the last one just ended but player barely made it out of the door.) He never ceases to amaze me. Great game, and given the above, probably his most important performance for the Rangers, and for him self.

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