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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
I'm not saying a damn thing in terms of the arguement you were having but you LITERALLY stole this quote from me almost word for word from our PM only I was saying it at you instead of for you and I meant it but I can tell you mean this as well.

Then I read something like this and I realize
A) Speaking in absolutes usually results in being wrong although it may be representative of a general truth

B) we have a lot of tenured posters around here who might know the game REALLY well but we also have some VERY flawed individuals b/c that's what being human is and I dunno where that expertise is but it ain't displayed often in these threads that's for sure.

C) We give each other WAY too much sh** for stating opinions. The more outrageous and borderline moronic an opinion SEEMS to be the more we should be laughing it off instead we launch into questioning someone as a fan and launching personal attacks

It's extremely stupid b/c from what i've seen no one on here has displayed much in terms of any actual expertise or ability to discuss the game. Even lurking for what seems like forever I barely saw anything like the cool little bits of minutiae that gets discussed in a behind the bench episode or even a stupid ass little segment in the middle of an On the fly episode for example. Nothing to improve my awareness of what to look for on the ice to be a "better fan" of either the Rangers or just hockey in general.

Yet reading many arguements and posts you'd think there was a high society of posters or something. An HF Hockey elite. Maybe we're all just a giant collection of *******. Seems about normal
Great post.

I play hockey 2-3x per week and the biggest flaw that I see with most people that post here is that they forget that although NHL players are playing at an elite level, they are human. There's a huge amount of pressure on them (not talking "fans" or "contract" pressure), I'm talking about pressure from the opposing team.

There will be mistakes. There will be moments where two guys cover the same forward down low and leave someone open. They won't hit the net on a slapshot from the point because they're trying to aim it between defenders and at the small hole they see in the net. The puck will go on edge, hop over sticks, and there will be times they'll take their eye off the puck or make the wrong read on a pinch.

They are going to make mistakes and, it seems, every time they do the entire fanbase wants them traded, benched, or the coach fired. A game that's played this fast with this much pressure inevitably leads to some bad decisions.

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