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05-07-2013, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
Colour me intrigued, what did he say?
Well the original issue was that his arrangement with Unitbet does not correspond to the monopoly that the Norwegian government has on lottery and betting. The norwegian lottery funnels huge surplus of its income back into the various sport federations across the country. So when a athlete dares to back any foreign betting company, he's basically viewed as the destroyer of organized sports by a few old men in suits. To quote the general secretary of the norwegian hockey federation: "His co-op arrangement with Unibet must cease. To have such an arrangement with a competitor to Norsk Tipping does not correspond with the values of being part of the national team.

A couple quotes from the newspapers, his immediate response:

"They haven't called me or told me anything. They have just gone out in the media. It is quite cowardly. It's ******** that they have informed me. They have a board that is run by amateurs. It's a best friends club." - The 25 year old rages, according to NRK.

And todays most recent quote:

" No one has spoken to me, no one has called me or told me anything. Instead they go out in the media with this information, I think that is cowardly. I dont know if they are even allowed to suspend me this way, but I dont care about that now.

- Of course this sucks. I wish the national team all the best in the WC and hope they win, but I wont be able to participate, and that's how it is. I am either way in Rangers at the moment and I'm focusing on our matches in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

And lastly, he does not plan to end his agreement with Unibet:

"No, I don't see why I should. As a private person I feel that I should be allowed to make my own decisions about what I want. I have my company back home (The Zucc fund) in Norway and through that I will support children and youths in hockey. The thought is that the money from the commercial deal with Unibet goes directly to this fund, and if the hockey federation cannot tolerate that, I can't do anything about it."

Basically he is sticking up to what he believes is right. The general consensus here in Norway appears to be that he's got the backing of the fans, and the suits be damned.

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