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Originally Posted by JayMan82 View Post
Here's what I see the issue is with Lundqvist... It's pretty apparent that aside from the caps transition offense where the forwards are looking to get chances (Hank always seems to play these scenarios out well), they are clearly funneling their sustained offensive zone time to the outside shot (mostly via their D)... I feel Lundy HAS to make that adjustment and come out of his net more to meet that shot opportunity. 10/10 he makes the save on the 3rd and possibly 2nd if he's out of that crease to meet the shot and not relying on his reactions (which was the issue on the first goal). His challenges are no different than any other goaltender in the playoffs, and I hope moving forward that he makes those necessary adjustments.
Since you didn't give any measures, I'm not sure how far out you're talking about here. Top of the crease or aggressively challenging the shooter? Let's assume you mean more into the Tim Thomas/ Fleury type of play. If you don't like inconsistent goaltending, watch how ridiculous a bad bounce can make them look. If you don't like your opponent getting freebie goals, I don't think this is the style you want to see.

While a position further out is better for the angles, you will run into other problems, especially positioning problems. What happens if the puck is passed sideways (our passive collapse doesn't exactly cut off passing lanes)? When they have sustained pressure in our zone, it isn't exactly easy to know when he should challenge, when the shot actually comes. Around these days, it's often a shot he initally doesn't even see. What about rebounds? If he is further out from his net and he manages to save a deflection, what about the possible gaping net afterwards? If he's deep, he has a chance to scramble, if he's far out, he has an impossible area to cover. Can he rely on his teammates to take care of the rebound? Looking retrospectively, no.

Or if it isn't deflected towards the net, but falls into the lap of an open player on the side right away? Then it's a goalie out of position and a possible open net. Not to mention the increased chance of an injury or getting stuck into someone, because the traffic is usually very heavy in front of our net. Or what happens if Hank loses track of the puck?

My problem is, this defensive strategy and Hank's and Allaire's way of playing in net doesn't seem to be that compatible. If Hank wants to play deep and get extra time to see the shot, what's the point if our own players constantly screen him? Let him see the shot! But no, it's a rule we always need to have at least one teammate right in his vision, in some futile attempt to block the shot while attempting to imitate a straw.

Lundqvist's style of play obviously works. This team's style of play, not so sure about that. So where should the emphazis be on changing the style of play here? Let's fix the only part on this team that isn't broken yet.
Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
My feeling was his playing back in the crease had him at a bad angle. Had he been even just a little further out on the top of the crease or at least slightly to his left I think he had the reaction to make the save. He's a phenomenal goalie positionally goal's like that just don't happen to him often and I think he screwed the pooch on it.
First of all, that goal happens because our guy (Brassard?) loses the faceoff cleanly in the defensive zone. Whatever you do at a defensive faceoff, you cannot lose it cleanly, because then stuff like that can happen. It's a crap storm waiting to happen. It's two teams in the same area of the ice and if that shot gets through that forest of people - which it did - it's a living hell for a goalie.

Second of all, could he have played it further out? Perhaps. Would it have increased his chances? In this case, yes, but a screened deflection is a screened deflection, any guarantees are out the window. If the shot would've happened differently, who knows?

In retrospective, it's really easy to adjust knowing the outcome, but if you would have sat at rinkside in MSG before that faceoff, would you have yelled at the top of your lungs at Lundqvist: "GET FURTHER OUT!"? I don't believe so.

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