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05-07-2013, 10:42 AM
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Originally Posted by shinchanyo View Post
What I was saying is that he always has almost a sixth sense of where the puck could possibly go and he never leaves even an inch open that his reflexes can't cover. In this case he reacted in time but was too far over. He was also covering the right post (his right) a good deal and I think he usually would be a little more centered in the crease which would have closed off that tiny little gap. Just my hypothesis on what happenned not saying it's true and we all know he's a guy who plays deep but I think he just got caught by a mere inch.

A HUGE HUGE HUGE part of the reason is because of how utterly that faceoff was lost. That combined with the mad scramble didn't help. But he's just SOOOO freakin good (I constantly say he's the best in the world) that this IS a shot he's usually in position to stop. I think if you asked him which goal pissed him off most and left him feeling "dammit I HAD that" it'd be that third. Of course I'm just guessing in the end
Me and this guy are on the same page here. I have been VERY happy with Lundy's play all season, but it's not difficult to see that outside of the Pens/Isles series, Carey Price, Cory Scheider and James Reimer, every goaltender has brought their game to that next level... Would anyone here say that these last 3 games have been his best? I doubt many would... With that said, I (just as anyone else in this thread) am looking forward to one of those signature King Henrik game steals (hopefully that next game in Washington after we keep the offensive pedal to the metal at home).

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