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05-07-2013, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by EvoLu7ioN View Post
If Hank came out and spewed the same **** you're saying, how would you feel about that. "Common guys, we lost against the Kings last year when we were down three, no reason to even come out tonight." You would probably come on here and post how little character and pride that shows, and question his integrity as a player. Show some pride in your team man, there are 16 teams in the playoffs and only one can win. Even if you think they will lose, which is completely fair, you don't say that ****.
He doesn't need to say it, they have shown it in their play.

I'd also rather have someone like Torts who just says how he feels then this drivel we hear night in night out.

No wonder we are down 3-0. Their interviews even put people to sleep let alone their play.

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