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09-22-2006, 08:56 AM
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Originally Posted by GarretJoseph View Post
Sorry guys, Don't mean to jinx us or anything like that or bring negativty to the boards but I was thinking....

If we really suck this year a the half-way point of the season..for whatever reason..who knows...lets just play along and say we stink!

What players would you ship out? What players do you think would get the best value in return?

Do you go with a complete youth rebuild and ship out Jags, Straka, Kaspar, Shanny, Cullen ?, Nylander, the Wards, Weeks, ect...

or do you keep the superstar Jagr?

What do you think Jagr could bring to us since the team that picks him up ONLY has to pay half his salary (as the Caps are paying the rest of it)


Do you guys think we gut it out and dig in deep and make a few smart trades to get back on track and make a crack at the playoffs? Or just dismantle the team in the off-season...
Well first off, let me say, you guys WONT suck. You've got a lot of good young players, a lot of them finally got experience last year, and they should be ready. You've got Jagr and Shanny, as well as one of the best goalies in the league.

Now, say you DO suck, he's what I would do. Remember, I'm a Flyers fan so I don't know the Rangers as well as the Flyers.

Weekes would get shipped out for whatever player position needed. He's good trade bait because he was a solid starter and is a great backup, and I'm sure there are teams in the league that could use him. Straka would definitely get traded, as well as Kasper. Nylander, Cullen, and Jagr would stay, unless you can trade Jagr for a LOT of young players with potential. If that comes up, you have to take that, because if you're at a point where you're sucking, you need to look into rebuilding with youth.

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