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05-07-2013, 10:48 AM
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The only reason why the NHL is working so hard to attempt to keep the team in Glendale is because of the arena. Glendale built that thing for the NHL.

If the NHL pins the blame on Glendale for the inability to get this done, then it's a shame. Sure, fan support hasn't been there, but Glendale has built an arena, paid the NHL to cover losses of the franchise while the club has been in ownership limbo, and put forth a couple of pretty adventurous attempts to close a deal, even risking bankrupting the city in doing so.

Yet, pretty much all the NHL has given Glendale in terms of potential owners is a few groups of rich bozos looking for a pay day from Glendale.

Leaving a city after they built you an arena, or staying in a dead market because of an arena... it's a lose-lose situation that the NHL and Bettman have gotten themselves into.

You cannot blame Glendale for the mess the NHL has gotten itself into. This one is all on the NHL, no matter how they want to paint the picture as they leave the Phoenix market.

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