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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Schenn in his first full NHL season put up .55 points per game playing center and wing(pro-rated he would have had 44 points)(of course this was abbreviated as well from the lockout). He played better at center as well. In his first abbreviated season two seasons ago he had .33 points per game. If we continue the trend of him improving his numbers, and I will go lower than the .22 increase he had in the past two seasons. If he averages .70(.15 increase in PPG) he will have 57 points in a season. That is second line material. If he breaks 60 points he definitely will be a second line center no doubt.

Schenn has the tools to become a 1st line center in this league, he is just behind Claude Giroux. I could see his peak coming in around where Richards was, but maybe a little higher due to him having more skill. He is only 21 years old and has a lot of time to improve and grow into his game. He has a great work ethic dating back to juniors and is a warrior. I don't see how people can't see his potential. It just takes some players longer to grow into their roles, especially ones who rely a lot of the physical game to get him going. Schenn will be a great player in this league, just not a superstar like people all want our prospects to be.
Agree 100%. The kid has great vision, composure and creativity with the puck, which is why he needs to play C. He can also score. His hitting game, which is important as you note, will get better as he fills out. He already hits a tonne, it'll get better with a bit more natural growth. He's definitely a 2C in the NHL now, and will get better.

He's in the same boat as Couturier, he just needs to work on adding a little more speed to his stride and he'll be a great player.

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