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05-07-2013, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Count Von Grabo View Post
Leafs fan posting. When I first saw the logo and uni's a couple years ago I disliked them. But they have both grown on me. I still prefer their 90's ones though. I think they should keep the current ones, and use the 90's one as an alternate.
Somewhat off topic, but was it just me or did it become kind of weird where you would see the old jerseys after the team was long gone? It became something of a game with me and my friends with what places/events you would see the old jerseys (before the Thrashers arrived). I remember watching a World Cup game (2006 in Germany) at some god-awful time of the morning with a friend drinking beer. The camera pans the crowd at the stadium (Munich, Berlin, can't remember the city). and there was a guy in the crowd wearing a Jets 1.0 jersey. We almost fell out of our chairs. That had to be one of the weirder jersey sightings I remember but there were others.

Otherwise, I really like the new look, but the home ones are a little samey. They look better live than on the TV I think. The whites are pretty stylish and I wouldn't mind a third with a backward look but not super sentimental. I like the shoulder patches and wouldn't mind this as a theme.

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