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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
? But Moen has had 20+ goals and 60 pts in an NHL season before????? Yes, we're aware Clowe had a horrible year. And also aware of the possibility he's on a decline he'll never recover from. But I think there has to be a flip side awareness that he has had some MUCH MUCH better seasons in the past. These players are still only what 31. It's not _that_ old. There's still a reasonable chance Clowe bounces back just fine to his usual form next season. That's what you'd be banking on in going after him.

But it's also why he will ask for $5M or whatever, and at that price point the gamble becomes higher stakes, and probably is worth staying away from. I'd be happy to get Clowe and take the chance on him rebounding, just on his track record as a player in the NHL. But at the likely pricetag... not so much.

That's the nature of the UFA market, of course. When it comes down to that, I don't think you can even just open up his stats page, not from last season or past seasons, you also have to have your pro scouts looking at his speed, his tendencies now, and hopefully with all of our recent-former-players employed in the front office maybe you even have somebody who knows him a bit personally, knows what his training regimen is like, knows his demeanour and dedication, can estimate how he'll react to this poor season, and to having a comfy long-term new contract, etc. Absolutely have to factor some of that knowledge into any such gamble too.
I didn't say Moen would have 20 goals or 60 points, but his cap hit also isn't 4.5 or 5 mil per year...I was talking relatively speaking. People won't think twice at giving Moen away but will suggest signinga guy like Clowe to a huge contract being in a similar situation.

With a guy like Clowe, you can look at other physical players that have seen early declines in production. For a skill guy, being 31-34 is not a big deal if he takes care of himself and had a pretty healthy career. Clowe has been banged around a lot plus his skating was already poor.

With a guy like that coming off a down year, it's not just the cap hit(at 4.5-5mil) it's the term. UFA's usually want 4-5-6 year deals or more. If his decline continues, the big issue won't be in 13-14 it will be 15-16 and 16-17 when guys like Gallagher Galchenyuk Tinordi etc will need new contracts.

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