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Originally Posted by Scoobs View Post
The only reason why the NHL is working so hard to attempt to keep the team in Glendale is because of the arena. Glendale built that thing for the NHL.
No city should build a facility for the specific use of one team and put all their financial plans and hopes on landing that one team.

Winnipeg needed a new arena so they built one and it had nothing to do with the NHL. That arena was a success without landing an NHL team. The NHL team is just making it more successful.

Quebec City also needs an new arena and they are building one. And I'm sure it will also be a success even if they never land an NHL team.

Glendale built their arena for the sole purpose of having NHL hockey in it and to be the anchor that would make Westgate a financial success. That was a mistake. They fully over-estimated how much money they were going to get from having a team there as well as over-estimating how many non-hockey events they would be able to draw.

As far as the NHL, they are fighting just to say they fought the good fight. It's all optics, because no matter what happens in Glendale, there is some other city somewhere just waiting to try their chance at the same dream Glendale had. Cities will never stop building arenas because they will all continue to think that what went wrong in Glendale will never happen to them.

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