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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Oh and both of those are certainly possiblities. I love Schenn and have no interest in trading him just to trade him. But this team has glaring deficiencies. If Schenn (or Couturier/Laughton/etc) could be dealt to improve the defense, I think you do it for the right deal. This is a lot like the JvR for Schenn deal. I think JvR is the better player, and will put up better numbers. But JvR was expendable on this team, and Schenn filled a need on this team. You can't just look at the names or the stats in a vacuum. In the context of how things look right now, even if Schenn (or whomever) turned out better than the guy we got, if it improves the team on balance its a move I think you make. Schenn may be better than Player X, but if Player X fills a need of this team, I think it is something as a GM that you really consider.

Now this obviously applies only to good deals, I wouldn't trade Schenn for the rights to Mark Streit. But if Schenn was in a deal for someone like Yandle, I'd take a look at it.
Well that's it, the big strength of this team is in the middle which makes Brayden a little more available than he might have been if it were not the case. I would be open to including him in a package for a big time talent that could anchor this defense in the way that this unit has been lacking since Pronger went down, but it'd have to be a pretty damn good offer for me to want to part with him because I think Schenn will eventually live up to his potential.

It's really Laughton that gives us that safety blanket, but I've gotta be honest, considering what he seems likely to bring, I think I part with Couts before I lose Schenn if it comes to that... and I'm a big Couturier fan.

About Yandle... from my limited viewings of the guy, he seems pretty damn good, but I've seen him compared to Carle, which is disturbing (for the positives Matt brought, his negatives kicked us in the nuts a whole bunch over the years)... does anyone who has seen Phoenix more (which isn't that hard, tbh) have a clearer view on what he can bring?

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