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Originally Posted by StaalWars View Post
"Losing the Edge" by Barry Meisel should be required reading for posters on these boards. Keenan's deification is hilarious to me. That 94 team won the Cup in spite of Keenan's antics not because of him.
I think Keenans record before the trap-era speaks for itself, both in a positive and negative direction.

He got very far often.

He never stayed long at one place nor built anything that lasted.

But I don't buy that we won despite of him really. Going all the way in the NHL can be really tough, and Keenans focus and determination definitely pushed his players.

I like Torts in the same areas, and think that its a darn pitty that -- from my point of view at least -- he just does not seem to be able to ice a state of the art team post-lockout/removal of the redline offside rule etc.

And in the cap era with the level playing field we have, it seems likely that you will need both. We play a style desiged to cut down on misstakes in the neutralzone, but by doing so we loose alot of pucks that we just throw up ice -- and its so hard to defend nowaydays that we give up alot of chances despite not making any big blunders. And due to focusing so much at not loosing pucks in the transition game, we give up alot of offense. I see the same results, and have seen the same results for all of Torts stay here (last year included) -- and that is that we give up a substansial amount more chances then we create due to how we play.

A ton of games is played in this league, and sure, we play teams that don't show up at times, but it seems like its extremely rare that we play a decent team and comfortably controlls a game. Looking at the top 8 teams in this league, its basically the opposite.

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