Thread: Player Discussion: Mats Zuccarello
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05-07-2013, 12:56 PM
Tanner Nash
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Hockey in Norway is pretty much a miniature sport considering how little we actually invest in new rinks and recruitment. But the fanbase is large and we're not exactly spoiled with big names since Espen "Shampoo" Knutsen's era.

Zuccarello is a really likeable down to earth guy, exactly what people here at home like, so the fact that he is making a sizeable contribution here is very likely to inflate the Rangers fanbase even more, especially if he is re-signed.

But yeah what the rest said, he gets news coverage after the games, and now for some not-so pleasant incidents that's been mentioned here. He's perhaps not our best player (That one should go to Patrik Thoresen in the KHL), but he is certainly the most popular player.

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