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05-07-2013, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
It's easy for us to say this, but imagine being DL and going to the owner and saying "I'd like to acquire this guy for the rest of the season, which is about 10 games. We'd almost guaranteed to be buying him out after the playoffs as we hardly have any cap room anyways, so it'll cost us about $3.5 million for 10 games and the playoffs. You're cool with that , right?"

DL's been lucky to be able to spend to the cap, but picking up a player knowing the odds are pretty good you'll be buying him out in three months or less isn't likely something anyone above DL would like to much.

Not at all. If those things were happening, we'd be leading this series (maybe even swept it again) and we wouldn't have any need for this thread at all.

I think the risk wouldnt have been that bad. He has played with kopitar before and looked great. He has a history of starting fast with a new team. 3.5 million is a decent price for a 1st/ 2nd line lw. Dean already spent 2 2nds on regher for 10 games plus playoffs on a dman that odds are he gone after this season. Buying jokien out was a last resort but if he worked out he would soilify our top 6. Dean has worked the cap well and this would have been a calulated risk. Its not like we have alot of bad contracts to use this option, It was a free spin of the wheel to me. Having king on our 2nd line is hurting our offense wheather you want to acknowlege it or not. To me wheather we were up 3-0 id still have this opinion.

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