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05-07-2013, 01:36 PM
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I thought i'd update on my Warrior Dolomite that i bought.

I'm really loving this stick a lot. I like the way it feels.

I don't play in a really competitive league, rather a weekly shinny with the same 30 guys. There are some ex college, Junior A/B, and ECHL players that are in the league, the offensive pace is really quick but there isn't a lot of effort on back-checking.

Anyways, i'm getting off some shots that i didn't think i had in me. This is going to sound crazy but it's like the stick has feedback (not to disimilar from golf clubs) where it's telling me what to do. (When to release etc.)

The one problem i'm having is getting used to the different length (about 3/4" shorter than my old one. I know that sounds like nothing but some passes i've been missing by about 3/4" of an inch, or taking it on my toe) And the curve is more extreme than i've used in the past. (All my shots tend to go about an inch right of usual, i've hit about 10 posts or missed the top right corner by a little bit a lot since i got it.
I'm finding if i take one step right before taking the shot i wanted (squaring me up a little better) my shots go where i want.

I'm still getting used to the stick, but so far it's the best stick i've owned. Now i need to find some new gloves. I'm fairly out of shape from where i was, and have been sweating a ton this summer and it's wrecking the palms of my gloves.

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