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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I have no idea why you continue to say stuff like this. There is no "elite." There are simply people that understand the game and offer good conversation and there are people that don't. There are a number of great, newer posters who are great to talk about the game with. So yeah -- there are two different categories of people, but it's not separated into "the elite" and whatever. I don't know why you keep saying that even though you've been told you are wrong.
I did not say there WAS a hockey elite. I DID say that based on the actions and words and tone of several posters you would think there is an elite. There are def people in all walks of life including on this board who carry themselves as if they were.

Even among those who might be the most hockey knowledgable there is great difference in what is seen on the ice. Hell even on any hockey show where respected analysts discuss hockey the analysts routinely disagree so it shows that not every opinion is completely correct or incorrect. Where we fail as a collective is acknowledging this and we treat those we find to be completely wrong like they are beneath us.

None of us are in any position of importance in the hockey world. If they are they act too condescending and do not show it.

Many here agree with the sentiment that we as a collective are way too catty and condescending and many agree that there are folks who act in a way that could be classified as high and mighty. That doesn't make it fact it indicates that there probably is an issue with personalities conflicting and the way we talk to one another.

As I have said to you several times on several topics I respect your opinion but have hated the way you express it. In terms of your actual opinions even if I disagree with them I understand them and it is your right to have/ express them. You may not wish or like reading this but of course you are free to ignore me

Anyway good luck to you. I look forward to seeing your opinions even if I hate them or disagree vehemently and will do my best to remain respectful and stay out of the whole personal attack/condescension business which I found myself getting sucked into.

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