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01-02-2004, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by dragonwyck

You ripped apart my argument? If that's what you want to think go ahead.

You claimed that I didn't respect Datsyuk which is a load of crap.

I pointed out that your claim was just that and then pointed out proof that I do respect Datsyuk.

The fact of the matter is that I could have used any player that is overhyped on these boards and I just happened to use Datsyuk because he has been the most recent flavor of the week.

Because you THOUGHT I was saying something negative about Datsyuk your responded like any other 15 year old Wings fan by throwing a fit because you THOUGHT someone said something negative about one of your precious Red Wings.

Then you pulled out the Yzerman OT winner and the fact that the Wings destroyed the Blues last year.

What a surprise!!!

Doing that simply PROVED my point that that is all Wings fans do.


Have a good day.
yea, when i get whipped in an argument i like to use one of and say something like " if thats what you think then go ahead blah blah blah...thats a very good argument you sure are talented

and by you saying Datsyuk gains respect only by new threads started about him not only makes me THINK that you said something negative about him i KNOW you did

and if I happened to be in an argument with a blues fan about stanley cups, playoffs or whatever yes i think i would use some of those because its an ARGUMENT....but i guess i cant defend my team, nope ill just stand there and not reply...ill just look mindlessly into space and try to zone out

Doing that simply PROVED my point that that is all Wings fans do.

yep all we do is talk about our accomplishements....we dont go to games,we dont watch them on TV, ALL that we do is brag about our accomplishements.....

so really in your mindless rage you comfort yourself by convincing yourself that all wings fans are the same

your not very smart are you?

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