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Originally Posted by Better Call Saul View Post
Obviously Darcy's pretty secure in his job if he doesn't even need to conduct a ****ing coaching search.
Yes, it became very pretty obvious at the end of season presser how this organization is run.

Darcy is answerable to Pegula. And presumably, Sawyer concurs.

Ted Black is President but he's not Darcy's boss. Darcy only has to satisfy Pegula and it appears, Sawyer.

The coach is Darcy's selection. And Darcy can fire the coach at his discretion. (Darcy stays, Ruff pays. Seems a little slimey to me....... for being best buds and all.....)

Pegula has bought Darcy's narrative hook, line and sinker. Apparently, Sawyer agrees.

So, Darcy is secure as long as Pegula and Sawyer are happy.

And as others have pointed out, Darcy has played this situation masterfully. If the Sabres suck, he can say I told you so. If they improve faster than expected, he can claim credit. If they faulter in anyway, he can blame and fire the coach.

It's pretty obvious what's going on here. So yes, Darcy is indeed very secure.

The really bad news is if you hate Darcy and want him gone, you are going to be a very unhappy Sabre fan for at least a couple/few years.

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