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05-07-2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by WestZephyr View Post
I come in peace. Or well I guess "in pieces" as a canucks fan.

I got a chance to drive from BC down to LA for some ball games and a hockey game. We watched the you guys take on the Sharks in the last game of the season and the only comfort I have is that the Sharks will not get past you guys if it comes down to it haha.

You guys completely made Thornton and Marleau obsolete.

The series with STL has been the best of the playoffs so far and I honestly think you guys have the edge. We all know what this team can do once they get momentum. So to you all I say thanks for the hospitality and good luck the rest of the way and if you see San Jose please seek and destroy.
Thanks guy with the cool He-Man avatar!

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