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Originally Posted by SabresAreScaryGood View Post
This I dont understand. Under Regier the Sabres are near the bottom of the NHL in terms of years making the playoffs, but your problem is with Jerry Sullivan.

Makes sense.
Well, i've liked almost all of Darcy's moves as they've happened, as have many others. I just haven't forgotten that. I don't think the team has not been successful because of the GM and I could argue this all day, but won't because I understand the opposing view and ultimately, none of us have enough info to really evaluate his performance. All we have are the moves we know about, which I've liked, and the results, which have been mixed.

On the other hand, I DO think the fans/media's negative attitude and constant scandal searching hurts the players and the team. I'm all for the media asking tough questions and some frustration is totally understandable, but these guys like Sullivan are letting emotion and self-importance create the narratives rather than the facts. Hear that presser the other day? Hearing people so bent on having someone else lose their job rubs me the wrong way and i think Sullivan doesn't conduct himself like a professional. That's why i said what i said. I don't actually want him fired either.

I'm looking forward to the draft to see what Darcy can add for this team. I'm optimistic.

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