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Originally Posted by Jame View Post
yea, same thing happened to Etem... people are stupid.

it would be great if the overblown hype about his benching (that never happened) pushed him to our 2nd round pick... I'd still take him at 16 on talent.

Would you hate taking him at 16, because of what others are saying... or because of how you view him?

Erne = Bobby Ryan without the hype
To an extent, aren't most of our draft opinions based on, at least in part, what others are saying? I think, with few exceptions, most on here haven't seen certain players more than a handful of times, which presents a real sample size problem.

Anyways, from the few times I've seen Erne, I found him to be relatively ineffective. Couple that with stagnation in the goals category, and his fall in most draft lists, leads me to believe that drafting him at 16 would be a bit of a reach. If you think he's Bobby Ryan-lite, you won't agree with that assessment. But I anticipate there'll be players who'll turn out to be better pros available at 16.

Originally Posted by Jame View Post
nah, you're right... that comment is silly too.

clairfying : Erne has a Bobby Ryan-esque ceiling

being 100% confident in Max Domi? you sticking with that?
I'm sure we could attach a sexy name to every 1st rounder if we're talking strictly about ceiling. I just see Erne as a solid 2nd line winger--which isn't a bad thing, but we all know isn't the most difficult thing to find. But at 16 in what's reported to be a deep draft, I hope we can do better than that.

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