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Originally Posted by Requin View Post
I got GameCenter this year, because I figured it was cheaper than normal and I'd try it out.

Never again.

They black out the NBC games; okay, that makes sense, I could get NBC if I invested in like a $5 antenna. Then they black out TSN and NHL Network. What? One of those is in Canada, the other one is a zillion dollars.

It makes me so mad, because I only am able to watch 20 or so games a year. If they had a PPV thing, I would gladly chip a couple bucks a game. But as it stands, I'm being asked to pay $160 (in a normal season) to get 50% of what I want to watch blacked out, or pay even more for fancypants cable subscriptions that I can not afford on a grad student stipend.

I'm true to my word. I stopped pirating music as soon as iTunes type services started, because I was able to pay a fair price for what I consumed. Same deal applies for hockey, as far as I'm concerned - they give me a reasonable way to pay, I'll pay it. Until then.... ahoy, mateys.
it seems strange to me.

for one, stop advertising a service in the playoffs when you arent allowed to show any playoff games.

secondly, the point of the service is the be able to watch games from your local market when you dont have access to TV or are out of state or whatever. just seems disingenuous.

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