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Originally Posted by Chazz Reinhold View Post
He's starting as the second line center with the Kings based on what I've read about his play during training camp.
I agree. Here are some qoutes from people that have seen Kopitar play at training camp, prospects camp etc.

Kopitar has the body of a Thornton, positioning of Thornton, but like someone already said he has the stick handling of a Euro. Much more distinct than a North American like Vincent Lecalier or Joe Thornton.
Kings haven't had a prospect this good in all that time. The kid has all the skills to be a superstar along with the strength to be a power forward if he wasn't so skilled. The only question is whether or not he'll develop the mental game to put it all together. And from what I've seen so far in camp and from my interview with him, I think he just might do it. Kopitar is so much more mature than all the other young prospects I've met over the years...a reason for optimism.
Kopitar was IN****ingCREDIBLE! Definitely lives up to the hype and then some. The guy has great hockey sense, good speed, and makes things happen. Can't wait to see him center the first line with the Kings for the years to come. I really think he should be on the roster this year.
Very impressed with Kopitar! Watching him tonight I think he should get a roster spot come opening day. I was seeing him in front of the net time after time. He was making nice passes to Fro (I think they will play very well together) I saw him a couple of time take the puck back from SJ and keep the offensive rush going. It looks like he knows what he needs to do and just does it.
Basically Kopitar has moves with the puck that Thornton doesn't. Can't compare the playmaking ability yet.
So far, Kopitar has been able to make things happen on most shifts. Kopitar has made a bunch of smart plays. Nothing really flashy, but he's always in good position, makes good decisions with and without the puck...
Kopitar's puck control abilities are comparable to Frolov's along the boards.
Kopitar anticipates really well, too. Solid defensive play by Kopitar just prevented another San Jose goal.
Kopitar made things happen on most shifts and was the Kings' best player, which was impressive given that he was up against Sharks superstar center Joe Thornton on just about every shift. Kopitar more than held his own against Thornton. "He's an excellent player, always tough to play against," said Kopitar. "But it's fun to play against him. Everything is hard against him. It's hard to get the puck away from him because he's so big and has a long reach." Kopitar knew what to expect when facing Thornton. "I played one time against him in the World Championships and it was really hard and it's always going to be hard," said Kopitar. As for playing against National Hockey League-caliber competition, Kopitar exuded confidence. "I feel pretty good [about playing at the NHL level], but I know I can play better too," he said.

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