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01-02-2004, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by dragonwyck
#1) No, I didn't say something negative about Datsyuk. What I said was that the multiple threads about him helped him get respected... meaning respected by users of HF. If you weren't so obsessed with Datsyuk you would realize that it was not at all an insult of Datsyuk but actually an insult of the message board.

#2) I never said Wings fans weren't able to talk about their accomplishments in discussions about those things. I think you'd figure this out if you actually read what I said instead of spinning things into what you want to hear. The point about Wings fans is really quite simple and there is not a single Blues fan that hasn't experienced this... when you try to have an intelligent discussion with a Wings fan and he or she has nothing better to say, they'll pull out their three Cups no matter how irrlevent it is. Your comments about 1996 and the 02-03 season all but proved this. I would tell you that if you wanted more proof to visit LGW but I can tell by your posts that you are a regular there.

#3) No, all Wings fans aren't the same. I've met 2 or 3 that don't fit the profile I just described and you've done absolute nothing to make me think that my stereotyping is wrong. One of those few that I could stand is quite attractive w/ a great body and is a fan only because of the looks of a few certain players, but that brings me to entirely different Wings fan stereotype.

#4) Thank you for your insults. I really appreciate them. And, since you are so intersted I'll be glad to let you know that I am actually quite intelligent. I've been a math whiz all my life (but can't spell worth a damn) and currently work as a programmer for a fantasy sports company. I slept my way through college and actually finished in 4 years with a very respectable GPA. If you'd like I can fax you a copy of my transcript, but I'll have to explain that 'D' in Chemistry.
You seem like a smart person but because of you arrogance it seems wherever I see you post you create some sort of conflict or at least aid to it.

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