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05-07-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Grind Jam Grind View Post
Of course every championship team gets lucky breaks. No team is going to make perfect plays all of the time.

My point is however, that it felt like everything was going our way last year. And I don't think I was the only one here who felt like they were going to win it all. IDK. Something about it. And it wasn't the way we were playing. It was just that feeling of "things are going our way." Nonetheless, we were dominated for long stretches by teams all season. I just watched Game 7 vs. Ottawa a few days ago. They were hemming us in for 3 shifts at a time. We weren't doing that. (I blame that on the collapsing strategy, but many here don't) We played some ugly hockey, got some bounces, but in the end, NJ was just plain better than us. They beat us with a forecheck like nothing we had seen from the Rangers in the entire playoffs. To sum up, I don't think that we were as good as it might have seemed last year. (Still the best NYR season in a long time though)
I don't know. I think the results speak more to the team's accomplishment than our subjective feelings about how or why they ended where they did. It was the best NYR season in decades. Pretty amazing in my book. Obviously, it could have been better, but making it to the CF is a big deal, especially for a team who almost never gets there.

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