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01-02-2004, 12:58 PM
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The Isles have shown little intrest in trading dmen for wingers and Aucoin is not going to be traded either way.

You've basically argued that Keith Carney is some sort of untouchable stud dman, and then in the same post you assume that higher-level players like Aucoin, Hamrlik, Brewer, etc, could be had relatively easily. Aucoin and Hamrlik are every bit as vaulable to the Isles as Carney is to the Ducks, and they're aren't going to be moved for just a "good winger."
I was referring more-so towards Hamrlik. And by good winger, I meant very good. Also I heard an Isle fan mention that a scoring winger could be had for Hammer, so I was going based on that.

Carney is a good #4 dman... but to mention him with the likes of Leetch is ridiculous... Zhitnik is a decent #2 dman IMO, and better overall than Carney is.
I hate to be harsh, but you're a moron. Carney is better than Zhitnik, and is more than just "a good #4 d-man". Like I said, he's the most underrated d-man in the league and posts like that just go to show you.

Its also sort of daft to compare Carney to Leetch. Leetch is an elite player, one of the best dmen in the league over the last two decades. Carney is a very solid defensive dman but he'd be a #4/#5 on some teams. Carney is nowhere near Leetch's class.
Which teams would that be? Detroit? New Jersey? Those are the two best d-corps in the league, and he'd crack #4 on both of them. Leetch would be higher, but still, on most teams, Carney would be #2 at least. I also never compared them, but only said he's closer to Leetch than Zhitnik.

Leetch is one of the best d-men to play the game over the last decade and one of few New York Ranger players that actually gives a damn. Leetch is the face of the New York Rangers, he'll retire in New York. Carney is a soon-to-be UFA on a non-playoff club. If the Ducks are out of the playoff hunt at the deadline, I can see them trading Carney for something like a pick/prospect. If they re-sign him before the deadline or are in the playoffs, they don't trade him. What's so hard to believe? I can't believe you are actually comparing the two situations...
I don't think Carney's a UFA. I think he has one year left. Not sure, but either way, he's going no where.

Carney won't be traded regardless of their playoff situation. Or at least it'll be for more than a 2nd rounder. He's one of the best defensive defenders in the league, and is our best d-man. Teams don't trade away one of their better players because they're not in the playoff hunt, and he's UFA. If other teams all did that, then why did Ray Whitney, Geoff Sanderson and Andrew Cassels all remain BJs at the end of the season? If I suggested in a couple of years, should the Nucks be out of the playoff hunt, that they trade the Jovo-cop for a prospect/pick because he was UFA, I'm sure you'd be all over that one.

You put Ducks players on a pedestal, don't you? Carney is a UFA, just like Alexei Zhitnik. The Ducks are a non-playoff team, just like the Sabres. If the Ducks don't sign Carney before the trade deadline, why won't they trade him to get at least some return on him? They can always re-sign him in the offseason just like Carolina did with Glen Wesley. You're acting like Carney is some high profile, stud d-man that has spent his entire career with the Ducks and trading him at the deadline would be a slap in the face. You could say that about Brian Leecth, but Keith Carney, give me a break...
I'm not comparing him to Brian Leetch, just saying that Carney's as valuble to this team as Leetch is to the Rangers.

Don't even try to compare Carney's situation to Glen Wesley's, as Wesley said he wanted to settle down in either Carolina or Toronto, and Carolina caught a break with the whole GM fiasco going on. If JFJ was TO's GM at the time, Glen Wesley would be a Leaf with a no trade clause. He's only a Cane because Quinn wouldn't give him one.

No, it wouldn't be a slap in the face to Carney if we traded him, but it wouldn't be smart. He's worth more to the team than a 2nd rounder will ever be. The chances of him re-signing here are much greater if he's still a Duck.

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