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Originally Posted by Doakes View Post
Mid 20s and younger. No other age bracket could ever root for the Isles. Do you know how bad Isles bandwagon fans are to Rangers fans?
I'm mid 20's, my dad is pushing 60, been a Ranger fan his whole life and is rooting for the isles. He had much more trouble rooting for philthy last year because growing up was the broad street bullies era for him. He's always hated Philly more than the Piles.

Reasons we are rooting for the Isles.

1) Tanking for multiple high draft picks
2) Treatment from the league, both on the ice and off. Crosby lottery anyone?
3) Malkin and Crosby trying to act like saints and always whining at non-calls when they're both dirty ****s.
4) The league constantly shoving them down our throats, both Crosby and the Pens in general.
5) Mario ****ing Lemieux ("I have to re-think if i want to be a part of this league." Wait Mario, isn't that guy Cooke on your team, didn't he just elbow McDonagh in the head. )
6) Matt ****ing Cooke (I don't care how much his act has "changed" he ended/altered multiple players careers and doesn't deserve another shift in the NHL).

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