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09-22-2006, 10:14 PM
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glad to hear it.

Also, remember to cycle you weight routines so that you rotate between upper and lower body. This way the worked areas get a day or two of rest to rebuild. Strength is gained when those micro tears are given a chance to rebuild. Be very careful to not over train.

Your body will tell you when your reaching that fine line. Continuous soreness, fatigue, lethargy, Depression, decreased performance.....all symptoms of over training. Depression can also be the result of insufficient Carb intake for your needs, particularly in women athletes. One method to avoid is to variation between strength, aerobic, anaerobic and plyometrics. While being sure to keep at least one day off a week, rotate your regimin.

nutrition downloads:

when the image loads right click over it and select "save image as" change the "1" in hte web address to a "2", click go and repeat. Repeat that up to number 8 for the full article. Intended for goalie specific but it applies.

two year round physical training program downloads: Out player specific

I believe these are PDF versions. Cant recall wether it was PDF or multi jpg images.

Just tossing the info out there to help you, with luck, prevent the lost day injuries.

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