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Players season evaluation

I been waiting for someone to start a thread on this for a bit now but no one has so I will. Keep in mind my evaluations are with how I expected the player to perform for this season. Meaning if I grade player 1 an A while grading player 2 a C does not mean I think that player 1 is better than player 2. I would appreciate to see what other people think too (GKJ in particular as he is not a big homer compared to 99% of us including myself) and not just bash my grades/thoughts! So here goes... Also keep in mind I missed the last three games of the season. No smart comments saying I missed all season if you don't like my grades!!!!

Grade Scale:
A+=The best C=Average (What was expected) F=You sucked

Claude Giroux (A-) I know some people were down on Giroux this season. To me his improvement in the face off circle was amazing and his passing was as great as ever. Opposing teams really keyed on him this season though to reduce his scoring chances. The coach will have to find ways to get him the puck more in scoring situations. The one thing that upset me about Giroux this season was his embellishment. I never seen him embellish before this season so I don't know where that came from.
Brayden Schenn (C) I had high expectations for Schenn this year and he did not step his game up. I honestly believe that he was playing too fast out there at times. All he was doing was flying around trying to hit people while charging half the time he did it and that also put him out of position for when the other team came back and he wasn't on his man leaving him wide open for a good chance. He needs to learn from Richie and pick his spots better. If he can slow his game down and play a smarter game of hockey then the sky is the limit for Schenn.
Sean Couturier (C) He kept up his stellar defensive game, but his offensive game was completely terrible until later on in the season where he shown flashes. If he can improve on his skating in the off season he will become the number 2 center on the team and have the potential to put up a lot of points. I just feel that if he doesn't improve his skating then he will never become a top point producer. He does have great hands and one of the best hockey senses on the team. This team needs to keep him to match up against the Penguins even if he doesn't find his offensive game. His defensive game is just that good.
Maxime Talbot (C-) He took a step down this season, but that should have been expected seeing that last season was his career year. He is a solid WING that plays smart defensive hockey and can chip in offensively here and there. A good team guy even though I still don't like him from his Penguin days.
Jakub Voracek (A+) The best Flyer this season. I knew he was a good player but I didn't see this kind of potential in him till now. He hardly ever lost a board battle, he was scoring, great balance and puck control, great passing, amazing defense, and just never stopped playing. His fight to stand up for Giroux was also great to see. My favorite Flyer this season.
Ruslan Fedotenko (B-) He was better than I expected. I expected just a fourth line guy that can play good defense and be on the pk, but I found him to be a solid player that can occasionally play more minutes. He was a good pickup for the season.
Wayne Simmonds (B+) He cemented himself in the number 1 pp unit as one of the better players in the league in front of the goalie. He has the grit, size, teamwork and tenacity that is Flyer hockey. The only thing that upset me with him was that he always tried to get to cute with the puck and turned it over by doing that half the time.
Matt Read (B) He had a solid year showing that he can be a responsible smart player out there but I expected more from Read. I was hoping that he could place himself on the top line with Giroux and Voracek but that just didn't work out. My expectations were too high on Read going into the season as I expected him to be one of the top 4 forwards on this team. Still, he is a great role player that can play on the 2nd or 3rd line.
Danny Briere (F) He sucked....I do think he started the season injured, but come on. He was bad and ruined every line he was on. IF he is a Flyer next year he needs to regain his form of the past or he will be gone soon.
Scott Hartnell (D-) One of my favorite Flyers for a few seasons now. What happened? He fell apart and took so many bad penalties this season. It was like he didn't care about his team. I have no idea what happened to him, but I hope he can fix it in the off season because Hartnell is a rare player in this league that can put up a lot of points and do all the dirty work. Highly disappointed in him this season but I do believe he will regain his form.
Zac Rinaldo (A+) My only other A+ grade. Why an A+ for Rinaldo you may think? The dude hits like a truck out there, never stopped playing no matter what the score and he gained the respect of his teammates while also gaining the respect of most of the referees. He didn't get nearly as many penalties for being Rinaldo this year and I still can't believe he did that while also staying strong on his checks. He really had an unbelievable year to transform his game and his reputation.
Mike Knuble (C-) He was solid to play games here and there and to bring veteran leadership to this game, but this should be his last season. I would like to bring him back in the organization though.
Simon Gagne (B+) I don't care if people don't like my grade on Gagne. He just played solid hockey for the Flyers and they need his presence and leadership on the ice. He still has the shot, the speed and the defense that this team needs in their top 9. I was quite surprised with how well he looked as a Flyer again.
Tye Mcginn (B-) He really came out of no where for me when he was on the team. He was a good fighter that gave it his all. With more seasoning in the minors I hope he can become a nice power forward that can chip in on the scoring like a Simmonds.
Jay Rosehill (C-) He played his role well as the enforcer, but I hope he doesn't think he will play many games on the Flyers. He is a nice 13th forward on this team to play against teams that you know will get chippy.
Adam Hall (D) I loved the pick up when it happened.... He did not impress me at all though and I been one of the people saying they need to go out and get that fourth line center and a face off specialist. It could be because I have wanted Gaustad to have that role for a long time now on this team and he isn't as good as him.
Scott Laughton (B+) It is a high grade for a player with only five games and zero points, but he looked to be a solid player with a lot of potential to me. I see him becoming the fourth line center next season and maybe moving up a line if Couturier pushes himself to the second line center and move Schenn to wing. He is going to be a great two way center in this league.

Luke Schenn (B+) I love the way he plays, but he has to learn how to pick his spots with his hitting. As a D positioning should be the number 1 priority. Just ask Pronger that. With that being said he put in top minutes and was one of the best D's we had this season.
Kimmo Timonen (A) His age shown some, but that is to be expected playing in this type of scheme which calls for the D's to become very active. He never stops trying, is the smartest D we have with the puck and shuts down 2 on 1's against him with ease. My favorite D on this team easily.
Bruno Gervais (D-) Why did he play so much? He is a forward playing defense. He was never in position and was not good at defense.
Braydon Coburn (C-) I was never that impressed with Coburn until the playoffs start. He was the new scape goat to take Carles place. He is worth keeping around as long as this team makes the playoffs. In the playoffs he becomes a top D that can shut down the opposing teams top players. In the regular season he just seems to coast half the time.
Nicklas Grossmann (A) Our best Defensive D on the team. I love his game and hope he can stay healthy.
Erik Gustafsson (B+) I was always down on Gustafsson, but he has shown me this season that he deserves to be on this roster. He has top 4 potential with pp time. He was much better on his positioning than I remembered from seasons past. I was always a Bourdon > Gustafsson person but that has changed.
Kurtis Foster (C+) I expected a terrible player and he ended up being a good team guy with a bomb of a shot and an actual smart player with his positioning. Sucks he can't take a hit though. I think a butterfly could knock him over.
Oliver Lauridsen (A-) A big mean defensive D that with more time in the minors can be a bottom pairing D on the Flyers. I was really surprised with him.
Andrej Meszaros (D-) I was one of the few that liked the trade when we got him, but he just has looked worse and worse each season. Even when he is playing all it seems that happens is he hangs his D partner out to dry with him pinching and the other team having a 2 on 1 against his D partner.
Kent Huskins (B) A really solid pickup and a surprise. A smart player with the puck with limited ability. A great 7th D to have.

Ilya Bryzgalov (C+) I didn't expect much from any goalie on this team with the way this team plays in its style of attacking and not worrying much about defense. Bryz had his ups where everyone loved him and he had his downs where everyone hated him. Bryz is the type of goalie that needs his confidence and the Flyers with this system won't give him the confidence he needs for all season long.
Steve Mason (A) A .944 save percentage? That was really a great start for him being on the Flyers, but lets see if he can keep it up before getting rid of Bryz.
Brian Boucher (F) He couldn't even start games when you knew Bryz needed a rest. He didn't have the trust in the coach and deserves the F grade.

If I missed anyone I apologize, I just thought a thread like this needed to be done at the end of every season. I do also apologize for the length!

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