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Originally Posted by arglebargle View Post
I'm a sens fan, so take this with a grain of salt:

I don't think it's too early to think that MT might not be a good fit for this team. I think the Habs have a lot of good, passionate hockey players, but unfortunately MT acts in a way that encourages them to lose their composure.

He should be calming his players down and refocusing them on the game, and reminding them what they need to do to win. Instead he's thrown tantrums behind the bench and name-called in front of microphones. He's only frustrating his own players by convincing them that their problems are solely due to things they can't control.
I agree wholeheartdly with you. I wish other Habs fans see the light.

Your Sens kept their composure and focused on the games. That's why you are winning and deserve to win. Your coach is brilliant and colourful in a good way. Therrien and Prust are colourful but in a bad way. Your team has a bright future. If the Habs don't win the Cup, then I am rooting for Minnesota, St. Louis, and Washington, in that order, to win the Cup. If they don't, then I am rooting for your team.

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