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05-08-2013, 12:40 AM
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Therrien in PCs has been everything that everyone wanted. He is not taking bait from reporters, not blaming his players, protecting them at every juncture (imagine if he said what we thought!!) and getting us to bounce back.

This game should have been 2-0.

People are overexagerrating the sitting back thing. You have to play smart hockey against the sens and we were getting the puck out and then attacking. Prust and Moen had a terrific shift when Moen dumped alfredsson. Gally got in there again. We got pressure even up until the 58 sec. mark. Then on the next chance we had to cleanly break out of the zone without giving up an odd man rush (you have to admit that our trap WAS working against them), two bs icing calls. I mean, how is that not considered in our breakdown. I disagree that we were in trouble. We had moments when I would have rather that we were dictating the play, but the way the game was going, if we had tried to attack any more than we were (Bourque was doing a great job, so was pleky), that would have cost us a legitimate goal. Only mistake to me was diaz and gorges in the last minute. Should have been PK and Gorges (who did have a good game) + Prust went down at that crucial part and if he could have even moved a bit, no GTG.

We played well enough to win. Got jobbed. Would have liked to see Chucky (and ftr I predicted a goal, that was my only prediction. Well that and having to beat the refs. Right both times.) in the third, but he was to some extent giving up the puck. Not saying I wouldn't have used him, but I can understand the guys we went with. Ryder disappoints me cuz he really should be able to score an EN goal, but looks like an old lady carrying ten ton weights. If it had been Bourque, he would have rushed it. Maybe Chucky too but that's a big risk since he has trouble winning battles sometimes. Overshadowed his first playoff goal which was BTW, EXACTLY the kind of goal I've been complaining that HE doesn't get (cuz his wrister is sick) and that our team doesn't score (shots off wristers). PK's goal combined made me very happy in that dept.

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