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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Neil did not refuse to fight Prust the other night.

Everyone in the NHL knows that Prust's shoulder(s) is shot and will probably need surgery in the offseason.

Neil knew that Prust was simply trying to get him to drop the gloves and then skate away. Hell, Prust was one of the few Habs left at the end of Game 3 because he cannot fight now.

To your point about instigating. This is the NHL and it has become a crap shoot.

Neil instigated Moen, Kassian instigated Armstrong, Smith instigated Boullion and Cowan instigated White and technically could have been the third man in.

So we should have seen a 2-5-10 for Neil, Kassian, Smith and Cowan.

Instead, the Habs who were jumped were also removed from the game and Ottawa ended up with a PP.

Neil is an enforcer. Just like Thornton is an enforcer. Just because they have some hockey skills does not detract from that reality.

And we have no one to stop either of those players from doing what they want to any Habs player that they want.........especially when the refs really did not care what happened.

Edit.........Enjoy your lunch.
actually, i read that situation exactly the opposite way: neil was the one that was trying to get prust to drop the glove. and i'll take your word for it but didn't prust end up fighting in that brawl at the end anyways?

as for the instigator: it's not really a crapshoot. during the linebrawl, they just ejected everybody regardless. but if individually you start wailing on somebody when they have their gloves on, you'll get kicked out. it's fairly simple

@ the second bolded: actually, it does. if you want to get really semantic about it, thornton and neil are in one category, while the kassians and staubitz of the world are in another. these two categories are very, very different from each other and it's a very important distinction. one can play hockey, skate, be responsible defensively, agitate, play the PK if needed, the other can't do much other than fighting and sometimes skating around hitting stuff but most aren't even skilled skaters to begin with.

and the habs were not outmatched physically today, just like they were not game 1 and 2 but were in game 3. so while size is important, a willingness to throw your body around is more important than just size for size's sakes. hal gill was the biggest teddy bear around

Originally Posted by S Bah View Post
Southern Hab I'm quite sure there are some people here that haven't actually watched an entire game of hockey. The rest of us know the Habs need to get bigger and tougher, so don't waste time trying to explain things to the others. Just try to enjoy the games, Serge Savard has made his stance, he says the Habs need to get bigger. This upcoming Entry Draft and the Unrestricted Free Agent period that follows this summer should prove or disprove whether or not team policy will change. BPA can mean a lot of different intangibles make the player the Best Available. Wait and see is my advice.
who said we don't need to get bigger and tougher? find him and quote him for me. im getting fed up of seeing this oneliner that has no basis on reality being thrown around.

and serge savard started our mediocre years after the last cup by drafting a bunch of skill-less 'big guys' (plus drafting bad local guys) which houle continued.

wait and see is the best advice. nobody can turn around a roster and prospect pool in one season. he has acknowledged it's a problem and said he intended to remedy it. let's see what he does

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