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01-02-2004, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by dats-13
he enjoys doing the little things that a Blues fan can say like "You haven't ever made the playoffs" but if a red wings fan says " You haven't won a cup" all of a sudden its world war 3

ahhh. blues fans
It is truly sad that it's gotten to the point where not only do you have to bash the Blues because you have nothing intelligent to say, but now you have to fabricate things.

Never once have I bashed someone by saying 'You haven't ever made the playoffs' and nor will I ever.

Despite the fact that the Blues have never won the Cup, I realize that I'm extremely lucky. We've got a great owner in St. Louis that invests his own money into the team and we get to see great players because of this owner.

I understand that not every city is lucky enough to have the money to put together the team the Blues have and because of that, you will never see me bashing someone because they are the fan of the team that didn't or can't make the playoffs.

Wings fans do those sorts of things.

Blues fans don't.