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05-08-2013, 05:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Suzpaz View Post
There's also a story about Zucc now getting in trouble with the Norwegian National Team. If Rangers go out of the playoffs, he's banned from playing in the world cup.

Thing is, he's made a private sponsorship agreement with a company called Unibet, a sports booker and gambling website. However, The Norwegian Hockey Federation is heavily subsidised by the Norwegian Betting Organization, a state owned organization that has a monopoly on betting and sportsbooking in Norway. Because Unibet is a competitor, they (federation) banned Zucc from the national team as long as he's involved with them.

Zucc hit back calling the federation a boys club full of amateurs lol.
Kudos to Zucc for speaking out to those old fat guys who think they are Kings on the road.

A bunch of useless hypocrites IMO. Interesting matter in the case is that the norwegian broadcasting network MAX covering the championship is heavliy sponsored by guess who? Yes, Unibet. Seems to no problem at all for the hockey federation. Another interesting matter is that Espen Knutsen and Petter Thoresen, both coaches for the two top teams in Norway, Stavanger and Vålerenga, are hired as experts in the same station. This also seems to not be a problem for the federation? No, they are not directly involved with the national team, but they are still under the wings of the Norwegian hockey federation as the are coaches for the hockey clubs!

Zuccarello has stated that he will of course follow all the rules when he is with the national team, both games and training camps. Of course he respects that. But when he, as a private citizen of Norway, walks around on his free time with a Unibet cap, the norwegian hockey federation has nothing to do with this.

An last, but not least, the way the federation gave these "news" to Zuke is just totally unprofessional. He got the news through news on the internet at the same time as we did. And the federation found out that a perfect time to talk about their decision was in the middle of Stanley Cup playoffs for Zuccarello. What a bunch of a$$holes.

I give Zuccarello 110% support on this, and IMO the nation team of Norway do not deserve his services.

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