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Originally Posted by Del Preston View Post
This is whats best termed creative accounting, stats, bs, or lies.

The numbers are simply false and misleading. I'm left to believe in this that theres been less than an average of 16M/yr spent downtown?

This must ignore yet another fullscale retrofit of the Downtown LRT, Jasper Avenue improvements. Development of Louise Mckinney park, the promenade, and the buildings built on the trail there.
Must ignore the redevelopment of Churchill Square that was 15M alone. Must entirely ignore the massive engineering/undertaking involved in building an underground line spur to Kingsway/Nait.

Must ignore the massive redevelopment of an area that led to the possibility of stationlands.

Entirely ignores costs for downtown programming and events.

Likely doesn't even consider the expenditures prettying up 104st making it a home to farmers market and eclectic home to varied businesses.

Doesn't include massive redevelopment of the downtown library.

Doesn't include what it cost to refit the boardwalk for its current uses as an educational and business facility.

The stats being strictly civic monies doesn't even look at the impetus of the Winspear, New Art Gallery, Don Wheaton YMCA, Downtown U Of A in Enterprise Square, Major downtown GMCC campus, etc.

Doesn't include funding for the several downtown orgs that surface just long enough to say how underfunded, they, and the downtown are.

Doesn't include the massive amount of money already spent by the city on studies of arena revitilizing, of the Quarters, of buying up land left, right, and center. By some estimates in the neighborhood of 100M spent on this alone.

Also, the figure conveniently and speciously is timed to not include the building of a new city hall.

The figure seemingly leaves out ANY impetus of funding of LRT projects (some of which occurred right downtown and will continue to) and thus leaves out any benefit derived from spur lines that all funnel directly to, wait for it, downtown.

Oh the poor downtown, nothing is ever done for downtown.

Cry me a lying river.

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