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Originally Posted by cbcwpg View Post
Doesn't matter what the posters think. They can latch on to whatever they want. Employees of the CoG latched on to whatever number suited their purposes as well.

All that matters is what the Mayor and council think. And if they think that the most they can afford to pay or should be paying for arena management is in the $6M/yr range then I think the Coyotes are moving.

And it doesn't really matter if the CoG got ripped off by the NHL by putting up $25M/yr when they should have only put up $6M or even $12M... that's done and gone. What matters is what they can afford to pay today.
Exactly. Of course there are increased expenses to run events for an NHL franchise. Usually, these are offset against the ticket revenues, rather than passed on entirely to the municipal government.

Even if the COG thought that it would actually cost $15 million to manage the arena with an NHL franchise as the core tenant, they still have to pay for it. According the the city manager and their staff, this would necessitate deep and painful budget cuts to city staff and services.

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