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Originally Posted by TheLegend View Post
And the AZ Republic article completely ignores non-hockey events all together.

There is absolutely NO guarantee another arena manager could even fill enough dates to compensate for the loss of the Coyotes. I've seen dozens of posts here claiming it can be done but unless it's actually done it's nothing but hot air.
Well, apparently they were doing much better with non-hockey events before 2010, when the NHL came to town. According to this document, in 2009 60 (56%) of the events at the arena were non-hockey events. That was under the leadership of Moyes and gang. It was certainly a lot better than these past couple of years.

From a financial perspective, the arena management equation has balance expenses and revenues. An arena manager could propose to bring a permanent circus to the and perhaps claim that it costs $30 million a year to manage the arena. That doesn't mean that the COG can afford to pay that much. The problem vis-a-vis the Coyotes is that it costs much more to manage the arena with the team than without. The COG is being asked to cover the higher costs. We don't know how much direct subsidy for hockey operations is buried in the costs, because the financial details have been kept opaque. I do remember that the wording of Hulsizer's lease agreement explicitly permitted expenses for Coyotes operations other than player and coach salaries, and equipment.

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