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05-08-2013, 09:26 AM
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Tarus: So throw away all the money already spent on the design and development of the current facility.

No, the city can just go on as they wish, they have spent the money, also there are a lot of cases of funding being oput out to see if something is viable in the business world. If it is not viable it gets shelved, happens all the time.

Re-enter development hell, and likely drag the process out another 5 - 10 years(if it even happens)

Who says that will happen? Totally baseless comment on your part.

Have exactly the same problems the first time(province won't contribute, no one is ok with raising taxes), this time without any kind of private investment

The problems are mitigated because the city does not give th4 sweetest deal of all time to the hockey team. We build the rink, we own the rink you can lease it.

Dictate lease terms on this new building, which will ultimately end up being similar due to the fact that 28 other NHL teams get all revenues from their buildings, if not state/provincial subsidies on top of it.

In god we trust all others must provide relevant unassailable data. Are you suggesting that public funds have been used to build every arena in the league?

Sounds like a reasonable, well thought out, logical plan!

"You aren't contributing enough to the project, so we're just going to pay for all of it just to spite you!"

lol the city is essentially paying for it all as it is. This thing is not going to be some nice arena that luckily keeps a team in the city it's going to be a monumental cash cow with zero risk for the main tenant. The deal as it is stinks for the city. Don't tell me you are one of the sheep that actually thinks the team will move unless they get this gold plated deal?

I do agree with your laugh smiley though. That's what I did when I read your post.

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