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Originally Posted by ccarrigan View Post
Heel lock seems to be ok in the CCMs. The fit around the ankles is pretty loose, so much so that I usually have to retighten the top few laces during a game. But I'm thinking that the poor fit at the instep might be causing the top to loosen up as I forward flex?

The pushing out is harder to explain, just that my skates don't tie like I see other people's. When I tie them the boot doesn't seem to enclose properly, like my foot is trying to escape the boot.

Does that make sense?
I can add a bit to this.

How old are they? I ask because I got new CL's this past season & it took a while for the top of the boot to form 'in' around my ankle (even after two bakes)

I find that stock CCM-high models, is one of (if not the only-other than graf) option for someone with a very high instep + arch. You mentioned in another post that you have flat arches. You'll likely find a much better fit with another brand.

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