Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs lose 3-2 to Sens Pt. Deux
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05-08-2013, 10:55 AM
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Sens fan coming in peace. I just wanted to say that yes, the icing calls were BS but I don't think the loss was the icing calls, the loss was that you guys sat back and stopped playing the way you did in the first two periods. This is what killed you guys in game 1 as well. With speed and skill, you guys are always in our zone and am pretty sure we'd be losing this series.

Blown calls happen, as a team you live with them and regroup and you always try and put yourself in a position so that a small blown call like an icing is not the make or break for your team.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the review for the first goal Toronto's decision? As in, the refs make a call and if Toronto does not agree with it, they have veto power. That means both the refs and the Toronto office were okay with the call. I'll admit when I first saw it I was sure it would be disallowed but if you saw the breakdown on TSN, the reason they called it a goal was because Zibby hit the puck with his stick first and directed it in his skate, so it was deemed a redirection.

As for some of you claiming theres some grand conspiracy against the Habs, I hope most of you don't actually believe that. The NHL has nothing to gain from rigging anything for the Sens (the Habs would make them way more money).

Anyways, great series so far and good luck in game 5, don't lose hope yet!

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