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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
The turning point for me with Lindros came sometime in 2005 when a high schooler from back home died because they got concussed in a car accident, then the next day (while home from school) they practiced heading a soccer ball by letting it roll off a roof. That was the "wow, I guess concussions are serious business" moment for me.
i never really blamed the guy i thought it was just handled terribly by both Lindros and Clarke. If all that unfolded today nobody would've even questioned him imo.

i mean how can you blame the guy for his comments about the medical staff when you hear stories from his teammates about how he almost died in a tub from internal bleeding after a game and the flyers medical/training staff cleared him. i remember either therien or jones telling this story. i don't know when it came out but that's pretty messed up and we all know concussions weren't taken as seriously back then either

edit: from wikipedia

During an April 1, 1999 game against the Nashville Predators, Lindros suffered what was diagnosed as a rib injury. Later that night, the teammate he was sharing a hotel room with, Keith Jones, discovered Lindros lying in a tub, pale and cold. In a call to the Flyers, the trainer was told to put Lindros on a plane that was returning to Philadelphia with injured teammate Mark Recchi. But Jones insisted that Lindros be taken to a nearby hospital and it was discovered Lindros had a collapsed lung caused by internal bleeding of his chest wall. Lindros' father wrote the Flyers a letter in which he stated that if the trainer had followed team orders, Eric would be dead, a statement supported by the doctors who treated him in Nashville.

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