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Originally Posted by Digger12 View Post
To me, this is not accurate.

From what I've seen of this city, it's inhabited by people that come from regions in the world where people with power and influence are assumed to NEVER be acting in the public good.

I'm not saying that sentiment hasn't been earned to some degree, but IMO there's a lot more blind resentment/jealousy towards people like Katz that is driving the anti-arena agenda than thoughtful, conscientious objection.

Given the world not hard to imagine where such skepticism might come from.

Its also interesting that any anti-arena missive is dismissed as pothole pandering so readily while any pro-arena stance is immediately assumed to be forward thinking, enlightened, well thought out, etc.

In this dialogue then even comments about backwaters, backward thinking, accusations of naysaying, uninformed hicks etc are considered proper, rather than improper.

Such is the imbalanced dialogue that has gone on.

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