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05-08-2013, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post

Given the world not hard to imagine where such skepticism might come from.

Its also interesting that any anti-arena missive is dismissed as pothole pandering so readily while any pro-arena stance is immediately assumed to be forward thinking, enlightened, well thought out, etc.

In this dialogue then even comments about backwaters, backward thinking, accusations of naysaying, uninformed hicks etc are considered proper, rather than improper.

Such is the imbalanced dialogue that has gone on.
Ya I love Tencer's comments last night

"We've heard from all the arena nay sayers, its time for the pro-arena crowd to stand up"

It's mind boggling that an arena deal based on a foundation of complete smoke in that it is essentially funded via a tax increase and user fees, with no upfront capital commitment from the owner will be stalled for 55 million.

If this thing gets punted to a November election or worse a plebicite the pro-arena crowd will be shocked to find out how weak support is

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