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05-08-2013, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Bobblehead View Post
This is a good idea. I'm very much in favor. There is no need for hitting in pee wee hockey.

This ruling doesn't mean we should stop teaching body checking at clinics to pee wee age kids and let them get comfortable and used to it. Just means they can't apply the skill for a while. Think of it as a graduated drivers licence.

Just because kids are "pumped", doesn't mean its a good thing. I remember being pumped about my first BB gun, drinking and my buddies car. Getting bruised from close range BB guns, barfing all over myself and driving my friends car without a licence because he was too drunk.... not good ideas, but I was pumped. Maybe I took a few too many hits to the head in peewee?

Arguing they need to learn to take a hit and keep their head up is garbage also. They need to learn to keep their head up regardless of hitting or not. Keeping your head up while stickhandling is a skill that needs to be taught from tyke on up.
I don't think it's like a graduated listen at all. The parents control a kids driving. Teaching a kid how to hit and then tell him not to is like taking a viagra and telling your penis to go to sleep.

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