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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
afairc combined cost of the 3 facilities would be around 65M with Coliseum and Commonwealth accounting for around 48M.

Needs to be understood however that the Shaw Conference Center was much more expensive then need be due to location, design, and massive prep work required to build such a facility on a river bank. This was unpopular as well at the time. Built anywhere else its a fraction of the cost.

Keep in mind as well that Omniplex was an unconventional design for its time with only MSG having a similar concept albeit entirely different design. With Omniplex there was always going to be the big owe type risks that roof wouldn't work, would be hazardous, would be cost ineffective, require excessive maintenance etc. Add to this the unfavorable and unstable soil conditions and weather effects of Edmonton and this was a very poor choice location for an entirely untried, untested design. WE could easily have ended up with a football stadium pancaked on top of an alleged ice arena for all time. The ice arena layout was bad to begin with even as designed and was said to not meet NHL standards at the time which is also mentioned in the link.

Finally, the cost estimates for Omniplex were just that, there was really no telling how much that thing was going to cost.
Oddly enough the one article I read and a little common sense and I was wondering the same and thinking the same.

The biggest question was if built where would we be today? Would we have had so many events that we have been lucky to have at Commonwealth, would the convention center give the same type of experience I get when I go to the shaw. And most of all how much would it cost to renovate over the years and would it still be a viable option.

On the NHL standards part, as funny as it sounds to have 9k on on side and 3k on the other I do notice that some KHL teams play in similar arenas.

I think the biggest thing that caught my idea was the covered football stadium. I've never heard such a thing ever being an option in Edmonton. Which is good and bad. On one hand I don't have to freeze while watching a football game late in the year, but on the other hand the weather eliminate is sometime fun to be apart of.

Edit: I guess I'll add that I'm glad the Shaw was built the way it was. The extra money was well worth it. The whole taking the stairs down with the view you get is apart of the experience when going there. Can be a complete blue collar event, but yet you leave feeling like you were at a white collar event.

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