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05-08-2013, 12:13 PM
Barbara Underhill
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Originally Posted by MrEctions View Post
Im not too crazy with them, but I do have some superstitions for sure, especially when a team I follow is in the playoffs. I think most of my superstitions come from playing sports my whole life. Tape my stick the same way every time. Touch the sign before leaving the locker room etc etc.
Yeah they are a breeding ground for that kind of stuff, think it's more of a ritual to get you mentally focused than anything. Except for guys like Roy who wouldn't skate on the blue line lol. I had several things of my own but nothing to extreme.

Originally Posted by Cmox View Post
Superstitions are important to some and it does have relevance. I think energy can help the outcome of a game to an extent. Call me crazy.
I tend to agree with this, I try and be positive for the most part. Maybe we could test that out in this GDT... Instead of calling the game over at 0-0 maybe we can look at it as an opportunity to win... Oh wait who am I kidding.

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