Thread: Post-Game Talk: Habs lose 3-2 to Sens Pt. Deux
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05-08-2013, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
gryba sitting two for a hockey play gone bad ? The aforementioned elbow from bourque, a repeat offender who put a guy on lt IR doing the same thing ?

I though the goal would be disallowed but it could have gone either way. Blaming the loss on two non called icings is probably the worst case of being a whining petulant fan that I can remember.
These " beefs" only occur post facto, if after the first icing we win the draw and score on the empty net, my suspicion is that homers like you wouldnt be lamenting how that we scored a "disgusting goal" from a blown call.

any mistake that goes our way = great
any mistake that goes against us= evidence of some far reaching

have some damn pride and stop playing the victim and hope that the team follows suit.
Great to see some Habs fans who aren't pulling the conspiracy/martyr card. I totally understand fans feeling slighted when bad calls result in a very important blown game. Your point is dead on though that the Habs could have still pulled through with the bad call and/or the Sens could have still scored if the calls went the other way. That's what hockey's about. The losing team always has some bad call or play that they believe ruined the series for them. Most people can take off the rose colored glasses and suck it up, some just can't deal with it emotionally

Either way tough loss for you guys. The second period seems to be the Sens worse and Canadians best. I have a new found respect for Subban skill as well. He's much better then last year and I can see him competing for Norris for years to come. he's still annoying as hell with his animated yapping I can see some teammates finding him very annoying

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