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05-08-2013, 12:27 PM
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My biggest problem with every "buyer" that has come along.

not one of these buyers is a big money independent wealth guy (besides Reinsdorf). They are all investment guys who are used to using other peoples money. Thats fine, I dont dislike the profession, but they arent the type of rich guys that own hockey teams. These investment specialists do not want to use their own money, and its not like they are the type of professionals that hold on to assets. These are the guys that buy low, chop down, and sell for profit. The out clause is a dead giveaway to their intentions.

Ill believe in this if we get one guy who made his money outside of the investment world. One guy who is willing to eat losses and put a serious product on the ice. That hasnt happened.

What these guys want to do is network with wealth. These are rich guys trying to get their hands on billionaire accounts. Its a giant cigar and whiskey mixer to these guys. They have been playing the nhl for years now and I cant understand how the nhl keeps falling for this networking scam by guys like ice edge (who are not incredibly wealthy, they are rich mcmansion investors), hulsizer who failed to buy 2 teams, Gosbee who only puts up enough money to last until he can sell the team for profit. Its a giant networking scam. Either the NHL is very very stupid, or they know what they are and just use them to delay the situation and avoid public backlash.

PKP? real wealth, not rich, wealthy. The nhl wants owners like him

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